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Carn Brea photos

Carn Brea Castle

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  • Carn Brea Castle
  • Carn Brea Hill from the east
  • Rocks on Carn Brea
  • Eroded Granite
  • Carn Brea from St Uny's Churchyard
  • On Carn Brea near Redruth - Carn Brea Castle
  • Tor on Carn Brea
  • Carn Brea and its Monument in memory of Francis Lord de Dunstanville and Basset
  • Carn Brea Castle,  Cornwall
  • Track leading to Carn Brea Castle

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['Carn Brea Castle',50.2224,-5.24481,'/public/geophotos/2109007.jpg'],['Carn Brea Hill from the east',50.2208,-5.24891,'/public/geophotos/353749.jpg'],['Rocks on Carn Brea',50.2207,-5.24933,'/public/geophotos/3806045.jpg'],['Eroded Granite',50.2211,-5.24837,'/public/geophotos/5782090.jpg'],['Carn Brea from St Uny\'s Churchyard',50.2218,-5.24534,'/public/geophotos/352451.jpg'],['On Carn Brea near Redruth - Carn Brea Castle',50.2224,-5.24509,'/public/geophotos/5247181.jpg'],['Tor on Carn Brea',50.2207,-5.24947,'/public/geophotos/5782070.jpg'],['Carn Brea and its Monument in memory of Francis Lord de Dunstanville and Basset',50.2211,-5.24877,'/public/geophotos/5384761.jpg'],['Carn Brea Castle, Cornwall',50.2211,-5.24725,'/public/geophotos/3321765.jpg'],['Track leading to Carn Brea Castle',50.2223,-5.24481,'/public/geophotos/3805867.jpg']