Catstye Cam photos

Catstye Cam & Swirral Edge

© David Robinson and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

  • Catstye Cam & Swirral Edge
  • Helvellyn Summit Panorama
  • Catstye Cam From Swirral Edge
  • Catstye Cam from Swirral Edge
  • On Catstycam
  • Catstye Cam and Swirral Edge
  • Catstycam from the top of Swirral Edge
  • Catstycam from Helvellyn
  • Red Tarn Brook and Ullswater
  • Helvellyn Summit Triangulation Pillar

Hover over the map markers to see associated photo. Note, some markers show photographer's position whilst others show photo subject location.

['Catstye Cam & Swirral Edge',54.5334,-3.00894,'/public/geophotos/2503343.jpg'],['Helvellyn Summit Panorama',54.5333,-3.00894,'/public/geophotos/2322882.jpg'],['Catstye Cam From Swirral Edge',54.5334,-3.00878,'/public/geophotos/1101084.jpg'],['Catstye Cam from Swirral Edge',54.5334,-3.00878,'/public/geophotos/1532699.jpg'],['On Catstycam',54.5334,-3.00878,'/public/geophotos/1987337.jpg'],['Catstye Cam and Swirral Edge',54.5334,-3.00878,'/public/geophotos/2799016.jpg'],['Catstycam from the top of Swirral Edge',54.5333,-3.00909,'/public/geophotos/1074332.jpg'],['Catstycam from Helvellyn',54.5333,-3.00909,'/public/geophotos/1074402.jpg'],['Red Tarn Brook and Ullswater',54.5333,-3.00909,'/public/geophotos/2744507.jpg'],['Helvellyn Summit Triangulation Pillar',54.5338,-3.00895,'/public/geophotos/2340210.jpg']