Kidsty Pike photos

On Kidsty Pike

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  • On Kidsty Pike
  • Kidsty Pike from Twopenny Crag
  • Kidsty Pike and Haweswater
  • Summit Cairn, Kidsty Pike
  • On Kidsty Pike
  • Kidsty Pike
  • Cairn on Kidsty Pike
  • The summit cairn on Kidsty Pike
  • Twopenny Crag
  • Kidsty Pike Summit

Hover over the map markers to see associated photo. Note, some markers show photographer's position whilst others show photo subject location.

['On Kidsty Pike',54.5056,-2.85505,'/public/geophotos/2836638.jpg'],['Kidsty Pike from Twopenny Crag',54.5055,-2.85428,'/public/geophotos/1532740.jpg'],['Kidsty Pike and Haweswater',54.5057,-2.85552,'/public/geophotos/270500.jpg'],['Summit Cairn, Kidsty Pike',54.5057,-2.85552,'/public/geophotos/669584.jpg'],['On Kidsty Pike',54.5056,-2.85567,'/public/geophotos/2051347.jpg'],['Kidsty Pike',54.5051,-2.85442,'/public/geophotos/430821.jpg'],['Cairn on Kidsty Pike',54.5049,-2.85457,'/public/geophotos/995323.jpg'],['The summit cairn on Kidsty Pike',54.5051,-2.85427,'/public/geophotos/430736.jpg'],['Twopenny Crag',54.5055,-2.85613,'/public/geophotos/669616.jpg'],['Kidsty Pike Summit',54.5052,-2.85396,'/public/geophotos/2217423.jpg']