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Ben Ledi photos

Snow-covered Ben Ledi

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  • Snow-covered Ben Ledi
  • Cairn at the summit on Ben Ledi
  • Memorial on Ben Ledi
  • Memorial Cross, Ben Ledi
  • The north ridge of Ben Ledi
  • Ben Ledi
  • Ben Ledi Path
  • The summit, Ben Ledi
  • Ben Ledi summit
  • Ben Ledi
  • Raised footprints
  • Ben Ledi from South Side of Loch Venacher
  • Cross on Ben Ledi
  • Ben Ledi - North Ridge
  • Looking West from the summit of Ben Ledi
  • Trig Point at the summit of Ben Ledi
  • Wind sculpted snow, Ben Ledi
  • Ben Ledi

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['Snow-covered Ben Ledi',56.2585,-4.31569,'/public/geophotos/6346304.jpg'],['Cairn at the summit on Ben Ledi',56.2587,-4.32237,'/public/geophotos/5346119.jpg'],['Memorial on Ben Ledi',56.2581,-4.32132,'/public/geophotos/1931475.jpg'],['Memorial Cross, Ben Ledi',56.2576,-4.32113,'/public/geophotos/967323.jpg'],['The north ridge of Ben Ledi',56.2596,-4.32399,'/public/geophotos/1937984.jpg'],['Ben Ledi',56.2549,-4.3221,'/public/geophotos/2199617.jpg'],['Ben Ledi Path',56.2522,-4.31144,'/public/geophotos/5301898.jpg'],['The summit, Ben Ledi',56.2586,-4.32232,'/public/geophotos/1931480.jpg'],['Ben Ledi summit',56.2585,-4.32248,'/public/geophotos/1652017.jpg'],['Ben Ledi',56.2584,-4.32247,'/public/geophotos/1896551.jpg'],['Raised footprints',56.2587,-4.32297,'/public/geophotos/1938011.jpg'],['Ben Ledi from South Side of Loch Venacher',56.2583,-4.32181,'/public/geophotos/1407784.jpg'],['Cross on Ben Ledi',56.2581,-4.3218,'/public/geophotos/3006558.jpg'],['Ben Ledi - North Ridge',56.258,-4.32293,'/public/geophotos/162247.jpg'],['Looking West from the summit of Ben Ledi',56.258,-4.32293,'/public/geophotos/243411.jpg'],['Trig Point at the summit of Ben Ledi',56.258,-4.32293,'/public/geophotos/972074.jpg'],['Wind sculpted snow, Ben Ledi',56.2589,-4.32363,'/public/geophotos/1937992.jpg'],['Ben Ledi',56.2581,-4.321,'/public/geophotos/1931468.jpg']