Birsemore Hill

Birsemore Hill is the 10473rd highest peak in the British Isles and the 6590th tallest in Scotland


333.0 m (1093 ft)


36.0 m (118 ft)


  • Tump (300-399m)

Nearest town

Ballater, Aberdeenshire

OS map sheets

OS50: 037 (Strathdon & Alford)
OS50: 044 (Ballater, Glen Clova & surrounding area)
OS25: 054 (Glen Esk & Glen Tanar)
OS25: 059E (Aboyne, Alford & Strathdon)
OS25: 395 (Glen Esk & Glen Tanar)
OS25: 405E (Aboyne, Alford & Strathdon)