Marilyns in the Cape Wrath Peninsula region

Map of Marilyns in the Cape Wrath Peninsula region. Click on pins to view mountain details.

The mountain guide has mountains listed.....

Image Name Height (metres) Height (feet) Classifications Grid ref
Farrmheall Farrmheall 521 1709 Ma,5H NC308587
Creag Riabhach Creag Riabhach 485 1591 Ma,4 NC278638
An Grianan An Grianan 467 1532 Ma,4 NC264627
Fashven Fashven 460 1509 Ma,4 NC313675
Sgribhis-bheinn Sgribhis-bheinn 371 1217 Ma,3 NC319713
Ghlas-bheinn Ghlas-bheinn 333 1093 Ma,3 NC332614
Beinn Akie Beinn Akie 288 945 Ma,2 NC340650