Marilyns in the Firth Of Forth to The River Tweed region

Map of Marilyns in the Firth Of Forth to The River Tweed region. Click on pins to view mountain details.

The mountain guide has mountains listed.....

Image Name Height (metres) Height (feet) Classifications Grid ref
Windlestraw Law Windlestraw Law 659 2163 Ma,G,Sim,D NT371430
Blackhope Scar Blackhope Scar 651 2136 Ma,G,Sim,D,CoH,CoU,CoA NT315483
Scald Law Scald Law 579 1900 Ma,5D NT191610
Broughton Heights Broughton Heights 571 1873 Ma,5D NT122411
East Cairn Hill East Cairn Hill 567 1860 Ma,5D,CoU NT128593
Trahenna Hill Trahenna Hill 549 1801 Ma,5D NT135374
Penvalla Penvalla 537 1762 Ma,5D NT150395
Meikle Says Law Meikle Says Law 535 1755 Ma,5D,CoH,CoU NT581617
Black Mount Black Mount 516 1693 Ma,5D NT079459
Black Hill Black Hill 501 1644 Ma,5D NT188631
Allermuir Hill Allermuir Hill 493 1617 Ma,4 NT227661
Wether Law Wether Law 479 1572 Ma,4 NT194483
Spartleton Spartleton 468 1535 Ma,4 NT653655
Mendick Hill Mendick Hill 451 1480 Ma,4 NT121505
White Meldon White Meldon 427 1401 Ma,4 NT219428
Broomy Law Broomy Law 426 1398 Ma,4 NT085428
Sell Moor Hill Sell Moor Hill 424 1390 Ma,4 NT480444
Meigle Hill Meigle Hill 423 1388 Ma,4 NT466360
Dirrington Great Law Dirrington Great Law 398 1306 Ma,3 NT698549
Black Hill Black Hill 314 1030 Ma,3 NT585370
Cairnpapple Hill Cairnpapple Hill 312 1024 Ma,3,CoH NS987711
Arthur's Seat Arthur's Seat 251 823 Ma,2 NT275729
Lamberton Hill Lamberton Hill 217 712 Ma,2 NT944586
North Berwick Law North Berwick Law 187 614 Ma,1 NT556842