Marilyns in the Jura Scarba And Colonsay region

Map of Marilyns in the Jura Scarba And Colonsay region. Click on pins to view mountain details.

The mountain guide has mountains listed.....

Image Name Height (metres) Height (feet) Classifications Grid ref
Beinn an Oir Beinn an Oir 785 2575 Ma,C,Sim,SIB NR498749
Beinn Shiantaidh Beinn Shiantaidh 757 2484 Ma,G,Sim NR513747
Beinn a'Chaolais Beinn a'Chaolais 733 2405 Ma,G,Sim NR488734
Corra Bheinn Corra Bheinn 575 1886 Ma,5H NR526755
Glas Bheinn Glas Bheinn 562 1844 Ma,5H NR500699
Scrinadle Scrinadle 508 1667 Ma,5H NR505778
Beinn Bhreac Beinn Bhreac 468 1535 Ma,4 NR597908
Cruach Scarba Cruach Scarba 449 1473 Ma,4,SIB NM690044
Beinn Bhreac Beinn Bhreac 441 1447 Ma,4 NR533778
Ben Garrisdale Ben Garrisdale 373 1224 Ma,3 NR640938
Cruach na Seilcheig Cruach na Seilcheig 304 997 Ma,3 NR678984
Cnoc an Ime Cnoc an Ime 303 994 Ma,3 NR590801