Marilyns in the Loch Fyne to Bute And The Firth Of Clyde region

Map of Marilyns in the Loch Fyne to Bute And The Firth Of Clyde region. Click on pins to view mountain details.

The mountain guide has mountains listed.....

Image Name Height (metres) Height (feet) Classifications Grid ref
Beinn an Lochain Beinn an Lochain 902 2958 Ma,C,Sim,xMT NN218078
Ben Donich Ben Donich 847 2779 Ma,C,Sim NN218043
The Brack The Brack 787 2582 Ma,C,Sim NN245030
Beinn Bheula Beinn Bheula 779 2556 Ma,C,Sim NS154983
Cnoc Coinnich Cnoc Coinnich 764 2505 Ma,C,Sim,xG NN233007
Beinn Mhor Beinn Mhor 741 2431 Ma,G,Sim NS107908
Stob an Eas Stob an Eas 732 2402 Ma,G,Sim NN185073
Beinn Lochain Beinn Lochain 703 2306 Ma,G,Sim NN160006
Beinn Ruadh Beinn Ruadh 664 2178 Ma,G,Sim NS155884
Creag Tharsuinn Creag Tharsuinn 643 2110 Ma,G,Sim NS087913
Beinn Bheag Beinn Bheag 618 2028 Ma,G,Sim NS125932
Cruach nan Capull Cruach nan Capull 612 2008 Ma,G,Sim NS095795
Cruach nam Mult Cruach nam Mult 611 2005 Ma,G,Sim NN168056
Cruach nam Miseag Cruach nam Miseag 607 1991 Ma,Sim,5H NS182981
Cruach Neuran Cruach Neuran 607 1991 Ma,Sim,5H NS083820
Sgorach Mor Sgorach Mor 602 1976 Ma,Sim,5H NS096849
Black Craig Black Craig 522 1713 Ma,5H NS115760
Coraddie Coraddie 519 1703 Ma,5H NS050778
Cruach an Lochain Cruach an Lochain 508 1667 Ma,5H NS049938
Creachan Dubh Creachan Dubh 470 1542 Ma,4 NS015910
Beinn Lagan Beinn Lagan 465 1526 Ma,4 NS119996
Cruach nan Caorach Cruach nan Caorach 458 1503 Ma,4 NR991804
Cruach nan Cuilean Cruach nan Cuilean 432 1417 Ma,4 NS043848
Windy Hill Windy Hill 278 912 Ma,2,SIB NS043698