Marilyns in the Loch Treig to Loch Ericht region

Map of Marilyns in the Loch Treig to Loch Ericht region. Click on pins to view mountain details.

The mountain guide has mountains listed.....

Image Name Height (metres) Height (feet) Classifications Grid ref
Ben Alder Ben Alder 1148 3766 Ma,M,Sim NN496718
Beinn a'Chlachair Beinn a'Chlachair 1087 3566 Ma,M,Sim NN471781
Geal Charn Geal Charn 1049 3442 Ma,M,Sim NN504811
Chno Dearg Chno Dearg 1046 3432 Ma,M,Sim NN377741
Carn Dearg Carn Dearg 1034 3392 Ma,M,Sim NN504764
Beinn Bheoil Beinn Bheoil 1019 3343 Ma,M,Sim NN517717
Sgor Gaibhre Sgor Gaibhre 955 3133 Ma,M,Sim NN444674
Carn Dearg Carn Dearg 941 3087 Ma,M,Sim NN417661
Beinn na Lap Beinn na Lap 935 3068 Ma,M,Sim NN376695
The Fara The Fara 911 2990 Ma,C,Sim NN598842
Beinn Pharlagain Beinn Pharlagain 868 2848 Ma,C,Sim NN448642
Binnein Shuas Binnein Shuas 747 2451 Ma,G,Sim NN462826
Binnein Shios Binnein Shios 667 2188 Ma,G,Sim NN492857
Meall nan Eagan Meall nan Eagan 658 2159 Ma,G,Sim NN596874
Cruban Beag Cruban Beag 590 1936 Ma,5H NN668924
Creag na Doire Duibhe Creag na Doire Duibhe 571 1873 Ma,5H NN615905
Meall Luidh Mor Meall Luidh Mor 514 1686 Ma,5H NN416797