Marilyns in the North Skye And Raasay region

Map of Marilyns in the North Skye And Raasay region. Click on pins to view mountain details.

The mountain guide has mountains listed.....

Image Name Height (metres) Height (feet) Classifications Grid ref
The Storr The Storr 719 2359 Ma,G,Sim NG495540
Hartaval Hartaval 669 2195 Ma,G,Sim NG480551
Ben Dearg Ben Dearg 552 1811 Ma,5H NG478504
Meall na Suiramach Meall na Suiramach 543 1781 Ma,5H NG446695
Healabhal Bheag Healabhal Bheag 489 1604 Ma,4 NG224420
Healabhal Mhor Healabhal Mhor 471 1545 Ma,4 NG219445
Bioda Buidhe Bioda Buidhe 466 1529 Ma,4 NG439664
Dun Caan Dun Caan 444 1457 Ma,4,SIB NG579394
Ben Lee Ben Lee 444 1457 Ma,4 NG502336
Roineval Roineval 439 1440 Ma,4 NG418350
Beinn na Greine Beinn na Greine 417 1368 Ma,4 NG459416
Ben Tianavaig Ben Tianavaig 413 1355 Ma,4 NG511409
Beinn Bhac-ghlais Beinn Bhac-ghlais 409 1342 Ma,4 NG229405
Sithean Bhealaich Chumhaing Sithean Bhealaich Chumhaing 393 1289 Ma,3 NG508466
Beinn Bhreac Beinn Bhreac 329 1079 Ma,3 NG253530
Beinn Chreagach Beinn Chreagach 326 1070 Ma,3 NG289534
Biod an Athair Biod an Athair 314 1030 Ma,3 NG158549
Cruachan-Glen Vic Askill Cruachan-Glen Vic Askill 295 968 Ma,2 NG357460
Ben Geary Ben Geary 284 932 Ma,2 NG253614
Beinn na h-Iolaire Beinn na h-Iolaire 254 833 Ma,2 NG599502