Marilyns in the Oban to Loch Fyne region

Map of Marilyns in the Oban to Loch Fyne region. Click on pins to view mountain details.

The mountain guide has mountains listed.....

Image Name Height (metres) Height (feet) Classifications Grid ref
Cruach Mhor Cruach Mhor 589 1932 Ma,5H NN057147
Beinn Bhreac Beinn Bhreac 526 1726 Ma,5H NN027102
Beinn Chapull Beinn Chapull 515 1690 Ma,5H NM937196
Beinn Ghlas Beinn Ghlas 512 1680 Ma,5H NM957259
Carn Duchara Carn Duchara 491 1611 Ma,4 NM892102
Beinn Dubh Airigh Beinn Dubh Airigh 459 1506 Ma,4 NM958035
Carn Dearg Carn Dearg 437 1434 Ma,4 NM896189
Beinn Ghlas Beinn Ghlas 420 1378 Ma,4 NR989992
Deadh Choimhead Deadh Choimhead 383 1257 Ma,3 NM946286
A'Chruach A'Chruach 366 1201 Ma,3 NM903218
Dun Leacainn Dun Leacainn 360 1181 Ma,3 NN033016
Beinn Bhan Beinn Bhan 319 1047 Ma,3 NR856998
Cnoc nam Broighleag Cnoc nam Broighleag 314 1030 Ma,3 NR940937
Tom an t-Saighdeir Tom an t-Saighdeir 303 994 Ma,3 NM971152
Beinn Mhor Beinn Mhor 194 636 Ma,1 NM798215
Carn Breugach Carn Breugach 189 620 Ma,1,SIB NM815278