Marilyns in the Llandudno to Wrexham region

Map of Marilyns in the Llandudno to Wrexham region. Click on pins to view mountain details.

The mountain guide has mountains listed.....

Image Name Height (metres) Height (feet) Classifications Grid ref
Moel y Gamelin Moel y Gamelin 577 1893 Ma,5 SJ176465
Cyrn-y-Brain Cyrn-y-Brain 565 1852 Ma,5 SJ208488
Moel Famau Moel Famau 555 1820 Ma,5,CoH,CoU SJ161626
Mwdwl-eithin Mwdwl-eithin 532 1745 Ma,5 SH917540
Foel Fenlli Foel Fenlli 511 1676 Ma,5 SJ164600
Moel Gyw Moel Gyw 467 1532 Ma,4 SJ171575
Penycloddiau Penycloddiau 440 1442 Ma,4 SJ127678
Mynydd Rhyd Ddu Mynydd Rhyd Ddu 389 1276 Ma,3 SJ054477
Hope Mountain Hope Mountain 330 1083 Ma,3 SJ294568
Mynydd y Cwm Mynydd y Cwm 305 1000 Ma,3 SJ073767
Great Orme Great Orme 207 679 Ma,2 SH767833